Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Yanks Suffer Humiliation

If you think a 7-0 score is lopsided then what do you think of a 22-0 loss. The Yanks have to be involved with this one, and you are right but on the wrong end of the score. The Yankees lost a humiliating 22-0 loss against the Cleveland Indians, setting a franchise record for the worst loss and the worst loss being a shutout. To make it worse George Steinbrenner was their to watch it all happen. Think about it owning the Yankees 180 million dollars of all star talent lose to the Indians 22-0 and now only have a three game lead over Boston now. Is it finally Boston's time?

One More Thing to go

Deion Sanders has to pass his physical he is taking and he will sign a contract most likely for one year. Deion is working on getting ready for the opener against the Cleveland Browns on September 12th. Even if Deion doesn't play a lot he still will bring a lot to the Ravens. His experience is invaluable and will definitely help the young cornerbacks on the Ravens. He might be the X factor to the Ravens to making them a Superbowl contending team. If the offense has a suprising year and the drug charges don't get in the way of Jamal Lewis this could be a great year. The Ravens team also has to stay healthy, there is always going to be an injured player. The Ravens just need it to be a less important player.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Finns Route Czechs

A easy 4-0 victory in the World Cup of Hockey for the Finnish team. The Finns only allowed 12 shots the entire game, dominated and came away with a easy one. I have seen more shots in one 3 minute span then this entire game for the Czechs. The Czechs came in hoping that they could prove they still were among the elite in hockey and that is not a good way to start a tournament.

Viking's Running Back Out

Michael Bennett will miss the first game of the regular season because of a hit he received in a preseason game against the 49ers. Bennett the starter has only played 16 games total in his four year career. He made the Pro Bowl in 2002 but his numbers have dropped since then. Backup Onterrio Smith will miss the first four games in the season due to a substance abuse problem. Replacement will be Moe Williams but Larry Ned and Mewelde Moore will also see some playing time most likely.

College Football Rankings

Here are the top 25 rankings this year
1. Oklahoma 0-0
This will be an interesting year for them with QB Jason White back can they fill the hype now?
2. USC 1-0
The top two teams right now are USC and Oklahoma, it was close but can the defense keep up with the astounding Oklahoma offense?
3. Michigan 0-0
This is a mistake, although the rankings are for who is best at the time Michigan is missing huge role players. John Navarre and Heisman runner up Chris Perry are gone, huge contributors and no one who will blow you away with those positions now.
4. Texas 0-0
With a good schedule this year and a good offense they can make the title a run if they play their best every day.
5. Georgia 0-0
A lot of talent and experience coming back and with a good run and a little luck and no breakdowns they could be title worthy this year.
6. LSU 0-0
A share in the national title brings the opponents drooling at the thought of beating them. A lot harder year with experience gone but they still can give teams nightmares.
7. Florida State 0-0
I'm predicting a good year for Florida because of the talent returning to the offense and a athletic core.
8. Miami 0-0
They took a devastating blow losing players to the NFL Sean Taylor and Kellen Winslow Jr. Are going to be almost impossible to replace but two players don't make a team. So if they had success earlier with them they should have success again.
9. NC State 0-0
Philip Rivers leaves a huge hole behind him and they will need a QB to step up, with a good defense and an above average offense they will make a decent bowl.
10. Virginia 0-0
A great linebacking core will help the Cavaliers win and if QB Marques Hagans plays well this year they can stay in the top 25.
11. Auburn 0-0
12. West Virginia 0-0
13. Oklahoma State 0-0
14. Ohio State 0-0
15. Kansas State
16. Tennessee 0-0
17. Missouri 0-0
18. Louisville 0-0
19. Clemson 0-0
20. Maryland 0-0
21. Wisconsin 0-0
22. Ole Miss 0-0
23. Iowa 0-0
24. Oregon 0-0
25. Georgia Tech 0-0


Who's Number 1?

The week 1 rankings are in for college football and guess who's on top. Oklahoma with Heisman winning quarterback Jason White returning for another year. Despite the unexpected loss in the national title game they are still on top with a stunning 43 points per game average last year that will give the title another shot. The receiving core is talented enough to still have a great year and with good quarterbacks backing up Jason White. Barring a unexpected fall they will be title worthy again this year.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Another Golden Moment

With a win over Australia the women of the US have showed that the US is still good in basketball. With poor shooting and sloppy play in the first half the women came back and won it all. The US can really come back after decades of domination is showed that the women still cared about a gold. This is the last Olympics for Dawn Staley, and Cheryl Swoops most likely as in four years they will be retired. Since 1994 the women have had 25 strait Olympic victories, three golds and two world championships, i'd say thats a good way to end your carear.


He's Back!

Deion Sanders is officially back, he plans to be with the Ravens on Wednesday and will play with the Ravens against the New York Giants. This is an incredible comeback after three years and being 37 years old. Deion is believed to be just as good as he was before he retired and is doing about a 4.38 in the 40. This is going to be an exciting defense to watch even more exciting then the offense with the loss of Jamal Lewis to drug charges.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Mike Williams Out of NCAA

The ruling from the NCAA said that Mike Williams can't play this year for the USC Trojans. Williams finished 8th this year in Heisman trophy voting and had an outstanding year with the Trojans. After a court ruling saying the Ohio States running back Maurice Clarett could enter the NFL draft this winter Williams signed with an agent making him unable to play at USC. But an apeal later made him and Clarett inelegible to play in the NFL. Williams then got rid of his agent and took summer classes to regain eligibility and applied to be reinstated into the NCAA. The NCAA quickly denied him leaving him a competitive football season gone. As for the Trojans they will of course miss Williams but have prepared for a season without the star.


Primetime Back?

Deion Sanders (Primetime) on an interview on Sporting News Radio with Deion Sanders. Deion said he would like to be busy on Sundays. Over a week of speculation of comeback talk of MLB and NFL it finally looks like Deion is coming back. If Deion were to come back he would most likely play for the Baltimore Ravens making it one of the most exciting defenses with Ray Lewis. It would have to happen quickly though because Baltimore doesn't hold the rights to Deion and the NFL trade deadline will be on us before you know it.

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